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Covid-19 and beyond: how we’re helping your vet practice get through the pandemic

Whether you’re practicing in the car park, dealing with a large backlog of cases or having to take each week as it comes, we’re on hand to help vets diagnose patients efficiently with our mobile MRI and CT scanning service.

Wherever you’re at now, we’re here to help

 Practicing in the car park

To aid social distancing and increase ventilation, many vets have taken to seeing patients outside their surgery. To help our partners, we’ve been carefully arranging our visits to minimise the amount of time our mobile units are parked on their premises. We certainly don’t want to get in the way as we know the logistics of arranging patient visits are tricky enough already.

If we’re due to visit you and you’re concerned about how our unit will be positioned in your car park, please email scheduling@burgessdiagnostics.com and we will be happy to decide on the best possible solution with you.

If you’re considering having us visit for the first time and want to know more about the process, please see our becoming a scanning centre page. In essence, our MRI and CT mobile diagnostics units will arrive at a time that suits you, and then our experienced drivers will set up the unit to begin scanning. Our qualified radiographers will typically scan the patients you have prepared within a few hours. When it comes to your car park, we ask that you have sufficient parking space to accommodate our 18-metre truck.

Dealing with a backlog of cases

When lockdown struck in March, most non-emergency procedures had to be postponed. Now that vet practices are opening up again, many are finding that they have a large backlog of cases to see to before they can get on track with their usual schedule.

MRI and CT scans have proved invaluable for vet surgeons who need to make quick and accurate diagnoses. With no time for invasive surgery or waiting for test results, they’ve been glad of receiving our high-quality images electronically and a report within 1-3 working days.

Whether you’re considering diagnostic imaging to save time while you catch-up or need more frequent visits to address a backlog, we can help. If you’re a current partner, you can email scheduling@burgessdiagnostics.com to arrange additional scanning sessions.

If you’re not a current partner, why not see which of our practices you can refer to? Our live site search will show you nearby surgeries that can take referrals to help you meet your current demands. We have 75 scanning locations across the UK and Ireland!

Taking things week by week


We understand that many vet practices will be returning to normal service very gradually, and that’s ok.  With sudden local and national restrictions impossible to predict during this time, we are flexible in how we visit you.

If you need scans on an ad hoc basis rather than on your usual schedule, that’s fine. All you need to do is email scheduling@burgessdiagnostics.com and we’ll figure out a suitable arrangement with you.

If however, you are feeling confident that a bit more routine would improve efficiency in your practice, we would be happy to book in regular visits that you can rely on. You can call us on 0845 3714012 to set this up.

Helping others

Now is a time that we all have to work together to get through testing circumstances. If you have colleagues or other branches that you think would benefit from knowing about what we can do to help, please share this page or invite your contacts to follow our LinkedIn page.

Perhaps you’re keen to encourage neighbouring surgeries to refer patients to you as you help with their caseload? Our referral form    is an easy way to make this happen.

Or maybe you know a practice who has lost a radiographer or whose team is lacking in radiography knowledge? Our team are happy to discuss cases on the phone, please call 0845 3714012 or email enquiries@burgessdiagnostics.com if you would like more information about this.

Remember, we’re here to help your veterinary practice diagnose soft-tissue, bone and neurological conditions however we can.

Keep in touch with us on our LinkedIn page, where we share regular case studies, updates on our services and news from the team.

Reach out to us at enquiries@burgessdiagnostics.com or by calling 0845 3714012 to arrange a service that suits you.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of MRI and CT scans in diagnosis, take a look at this table.

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Truck in Practice

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Truck in Practice

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Whether you’re practicing in the car park, dealing with a large backlog of cases or having to take each week as it comes, we’re on hand to help vets diagnose patients efficiently with our mobile MRI and CT scanning service. Read more